Friday, 21 October 2016

The Trio of Constitutional Crises

In roughly three weeks, I anticipate that Hillary Clinton will edge Donald Trump in the Electoral College with approximately 290-to-300 votes.  Six months ago, I would not have said that.  But in doing so.....a Pandora's Box of problems of issues will start up, and three significant crises will be set into motion.

First, within forty-eight hours, it'll become obvious that a combination of dead voters, illegal voters and double-voters were at the heart of several swing states.  Because of lack of media attention and the absolute desire of the GOP to move on (away from Trump), nothing will occur, and acceptance will seem to be the only drive for the nation.

State by state?  A totally different story.  By early December, well over 1,000 individuals will be pursued for voter-issues.  By January, another 10,000 will be given a summons to appear before a judge.  By April, I think we will top at 300,000 votes which were illegally cast, and the discussion among state attorney generals is that nation-wide, the total number will probably go above one million votes cast in an illegal way.

The Trump crowd?  They will not go quietly into the night.  They will not accept the GOP "lets-get-back-to-business" theme.  By spring of 2017, it's obvious that a Deplorables Party is being set up in several states, without the use of massive funding.....using YouTube and social media to carry their message to the public.  At the same time, the Bernie-crowd are discussing their options because they think Bernie was screwed over and the process is screwed up.

By the end of 2017, some GOP and Democratic strategists are now worried about the mid-term election in 2018 and the possibility of a different kind of race.  Together, they work to form a fake national agenda with hyped up fakeness.  The news media are part of the agenda, but in this case....because of a complete distrust of the news media.....they are unable to get the message out.

An odd thing occurs in the November 2018 mid-term election....with at least 30 House seats taken by either the Bernie-crowd, the Green Party, or the Deplorables.  

Using YouTube and social media, these non-GOP and non-Democrats are now carrying their message straight to the American people, and bypassing the news media.

So, onto crisis one:  the health of Hillary.  By month three of the Hillary administration.....the bobbing of the head, the decreased hours of work, and the disconnected eye-pattern will be obvious enough to pronounce her as having Parkinsons.

After a whirlwind trip to Europe, most European leaders will quietly pause and note that she has limited energy, limits herself to meeting time, and the head-bobbing is now a full-time thing.  They will shake their heads over this health condition and wonder what the heck is going on.

Behind the scenes, it becomes obvious that on every single Presidential trip, that Bill Clinton or Chelsea Clinton have to escort "mom" down from the plane.  As Bill's health becomes more marginalized in 2017, Chelsea becomes a full-time escort for "mom" and is a hired hand now of the White House.....with questions arising over what exactly she does.

By the end of 2017, it's obvious that Hillary's work schedule is limited to Tuesday through Thursday, a maximum of six hours a day.  Some insiders are now saying that Bill, Chelsea, and Podesta are actually running the White House and argue that it's a carbon-copy of Wilson's 1919 period.

By spring of 2018, the GOP sensing a weak structure around DC.....goes strongly against Hillary and demands a health physical be accomplished and they be informed of her condition.  She refuses, and they mount a vote to mandate that she must be seen by a doctor.  In an effort to send a clear message....the GOP refuse to attend the State-of-the-Union speech gimmick.

The first crisis will revolve around the health talk by the GOP.

The second crisis?  At some point, with this marginalized health and Parkinson's effects.....Hillary will stumble and fall....breaking a hip, shoulder or arm.  A concussion will be part of the episode, and the question will be when did the VP step in to fill her shoes, and the answer is....never.  Podesta will not allow such an acceptable event to occur, and thus trigger crisis number two, with Congress demanding that the VP step in while she is in the hospital and in a fragile health situation.

The third crisis?  By late 2019, Hillary will decide to run in the 2020 election....shocking most with her marginalized health and limited schedule of work.  Kaine will quietly step to the side and refuse to be VP in this situation.

The 2020 election unfolds with the GOP, the Democrats, the Bernie-crowd party, and the Deplorables Party all active.  The 270 electoral vote minimum to win the election?  Oddly, The Bernie candidate wins one state, and the Deplorables with their candidate takes four states.  Without those five states, the GOP and Hillary are unable to reach the 270 point.

So, the Electoral College meets....conducts their job, and there is no winner.

Onto the House and the method written by the Constitution.  Oddly, there are fifty states and one must get 26 of the state's votes.  Because of the actions in 2018, getting 30-odd Bernie-Party people/Deplorable Party people into the certain key states.....we now observe the third crisis for the Constitutional in full detail.  For the entire month of December and into mid-January, they are unable to get a candidate elected because of the two additional parties.

The cherry on this cake?  Putin, along with China....will sense a weaker leadership in place with President Clinton and move to challenge her on all fronts.  The President is unable to convey any leadership beyond just speeches, and the public scratches it's head over this limited ability demonstrated.

The news media in all of this?  Because of their "fairness" in reporting for 2016....they will be surprised at the viewership declining and newspaper subscriptions continuing a negative trend.  Even Fox News will find that their crowd have packed up and given up hope with their "brand".

If you think this period of the last nine months were the "storm", and things return to a norm in are seriously mistaken.  The real "storm" has yet to even start.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

NFL Ratings Down

It's an interesting story which I've sat and reviewed at least a dozen times over the past month.  Various news outlets publish reports almost weekly now....chatting over the numbers.  Depending on who you view or read from.....the ratings are 10 to 20 percent down from the average.  For a TV product, it's not good news.

Why are the ratings down?  I've seen an amazing number of creative explanations.  Some say it's the political season and people are handcuffed to that.  Some say it's over-saturation.  Some point toward too many TV options.  Almost no one wants to admit or say it's Kaepernick and his knee-down on the national anthem situation.

Oddly, no one seems to want to interview real people.  That's the curious thing about the whole story.  I've yet to see some sports journalist stop five people in an airport and confirm that they are not watching the NFL much, and then asking why.  They really don't want to ask this public this question because if it comes back that 99-percent of the public are avoiding the NFL games because of the flag and anthem business (leading straight back to Kaepernick).....then things are now permanently screwed up and business won't return to normal.

How corrupted or screwed up is news?  On a scale of one to ten.....I'd give it 'seven' or 'eight' now.  For no one to ask this one simple question amongst a dozen guys in a sports just doesn't make sense.

What happens after the season ends?  If the Super Bowl ends with a lesser TV audience (even just two or three percent), it will scare the NFL to a great degree, and the franchise owners.  Contracts for 2017?  If I were the manager and my product is now a lesser product.....I'd cut pay....maybe by 10-percent.  I'd let the players know the situation and prepare for some kind of strike action....just to make matters worse.

You just shake your head over how this all occurred.  

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

2017: It Really Doesn't Matter

On the day after the election.....when the smoke clears, and you seem to think....OK, it's over., it's not really over.

It doesn't matter if Hillary wins or Trump wins....2017 promises to be a fairly miserable year for the losers (the voters who voted this way or that way), and they won't let this fall back into the normal situation.

I expect demonstrations to occur.  The inauguration will be a massive demonstration.  By March, most news organizations will feature nightly pieces on hostile and frustrated voters who can't respect the vote.

Dead voters, people voting twice or more, and non-American registered and voting....will become talk of the nation.  Various states (at least twenty) will talk of voter ID and new tactics on punishing dead registration.  One state, I will predict, will require all voters to come in for registration and actually have a picture of themselves made to authenticate their identity.

Trump supporters condemning fake Republicans or RINOs will start to become standard.  By the spring of 2018, some Republicans running in the 2018 election period will be kinda scared because they don't have the full support of their normal voters.

Thug-comedians will turn chances to have President Trump on their they had President Obama on numerous occasions.

All of matter who wins.....will permanently scar America and set into motion a number of changes that will be negative.

Monday, 17 October 2016

When Journalism Fails

Over the weekend......I came to note some thirty-second clip from one of CNN’s "talking heads".....Chris Cuomo.  He stood there and told is absolutely illegal for the public to have possession of these emails leaked by WikiLeaks.   So the public can't read them, but YES, the news media could read them and determine what was in the public interest or significant about the content.

I kid you not.

I watched the video twice, and just sat back.  It was one of the most stupid things that I'd seen on CNN over the past twenty years.  Back in the 1990s, they had an assembly of crackerjack journalists and tended to be fairly professional.  That era.....came and went.

Out of a hundred people watching Cuomo's WikiLeaks many believe CNN's take on this illegal stuff?  Probably less than five people.  The bulk will just view Cuomo and this absurd talk as part of the new news media that they have to deal with or avoid.

One might even ask if it's illegal for the public to have information....what law gives the news media the right?  Chris would probably grin and just avoid saying the obvious answer.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Goggle "Facts?

Without much of a public announcement.....Goggle has started up a new feature.....fact-checking the news reported.

What they that this "will help readers find fact checking in large news stories".

How exactly?

Generally, all they can say is that they've got an algorithm that takes knowledge, stories, and gives them a 'number' and that will correspond to a fake story or a true story.


Right now, if you go and browse, there are at least a hundred fact-check sites in existence.  Some do a reasonable job but not enough that you could assume it's a 100-percent fact-checker.  Some do a very marginal job and simply cover the trail of some network or newspaper.

I think the Goggle fact-checker is fairly bogus.  To assign some algorithm and think that it'll come to a score which equals must go back and ask how this algorithm was developed and who the guys were around it.  One might write a simple article over Thomas Jefferson and simply note that he wrote the basis of the Constitution, then as it's reported over at's given only a score of 92-percent fact (instead of a 100-percent fact).  You could spend hours asking Goggle but in the end, their computer can only go and perform what's it's been told to do.

Why Google had to get into fact-checking?  That would be the more interesting question to ask.

Lack of trust?  If you were looking for something to always be suspicious of.....Google-fact-check would be a forest-fire in the midst of darkness.  You would continually go and question how this story would only rate a 66-percent truth and that story would rate 88-percent truth.  It would seem like it'd be a 100-percent or nothing scale....logically-speaking.

There are typically four problems with news stories today reported (it doesn't matter if it's newsprint like Time or the Washington Post......or the CNN/Fox News crowd).

1.  A story will be reported with six key facts inserted into the 100 lines of story.  Eventually, you reach a point where you realize that there are three additional facts which fit into the story and balance the whole thing to a end-point.  Yet, the reporter refused to add those three, and he drives you to assume that's all of the story, and therefore you reach a false conclusion.   That's what I call "herd-driver" story.....all the cows need to be brought to one truth which is not really a truth.

2.  A story is told by one key reporter or journalist which fits their "agenda".  It'll be a 6-ounce T-bone steak (as small and marginal as you can imagine) but told in such a way that it's a 30-ounce T-bone in appearance.  So you bite into this story.....wasting ten minutes listening to some journalist tell the story and by the realize that no matter how great the story's still a 6-ounce marginalized steak (story).

3.  X and Y are told in such a way.....that you can only reach the assumed conclusion of the reporter, but if you dig into the history of this realize that there are five or six angles to the story and that it just can't be that simplified or easy to grasp.  Maybe the reporter cut out the angles and just wanted a story, or maybe he just wasn't smart enough to grasp the angles.  In this case, you have best.

4.  Finally, you come to stories that built strictly upon statistics or polls.  The numbers are facts, but the rest of the story is based upon 'feelings' mixed with some facts....which leads you to one single outcome.

How Goggle came to this idea might beg additional questions, and a fact-checker just over what they admit in public and what they say in private.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

If Trump Loses

What happens if Trump loses?  I might suggest ten things.

1.  Unbelievable public frustration.  Trump has to win both Florida and Ohio.  Without them, it's a loss.  A lot of people will ask questions and demand accountability....believing that dead people and illegals voted.  Both states will face a significant amount of investigation and I think some people....not just voters but some clerks and lobbyists who helped....will end up in jail.  Civil suits will be discussed, and damages is talked about into the billions.

2.  An incredible amount of blame will split the Republican Party.  There will be the GOP folks (the fakes) and the Deplorables/Tea Party.   Those who remain the GOP and think that people will come back....will be shocked by the end of 2017 where it's pretty guaranteed to be a weak and marginalized GOP in existence.  The news media will laugh over the Deplorables into 2018 but find that some Democrats (maybe five to eight percent) have crossed over and joined them.

3.  CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and MSNBC will wake up by mid-2017 and discover that their numbers aren't returning to normal and people have quit viewing national news.  Same for the Washington Post and NY Times.  Some newspapers will be forced to consolidate or go to a five-day-a-week publication.  CNN will be sold off by the end of 2018.

4.  Hillary Clinton finds herself President but in a tremendous amount of fake politics as she's being investigated for past email issues.  The House and Senate (still Republican-controlled) will try to generate a fake hearing but most Deplorables don't believe the talk.

5.  Bad health follows Hillary for most of 2017 and 2018.  Less than six international trips occur in this period.  There are two to three days a week where you don't see Hillary at all.  By the end of 2019, it's obvious that she can't run a full-up primary deal but the Democrats fake their way through, because she's the only one running.

6.  Paul Ryan fakes his priorities enough and is the GOP candidate in the spring of 2019 to head up the next Presidential election.  Lots of fake stories and harassment occurs by the news media against the Deplorables.

7.  The Deplorables mount a major campaign in roughly twenty states and will likely take at least eight states with the candidate.....mostly southern states.  Because of this....neither Hillary or Ryan can win via the Electoral College, so the thing goes to the House, and Paul Ryan wins.

8.  Democrats are angry.....Deplorables are angry....and the general attitude around the US is bitter and negative.

9.  At least two other parties start talking about forming up is younger generation Democrats and the other will be a hostile Green Party.  The two will combine by the summer of 2022 and send up a combined candidate against the regular Democratic and Republican contenders.

10.  Hillary Clinton will quietly exit in 2020.....keeping the Clinton Foundation still going, because of the deal that Paul Ryan rigged up.  In the end, everyone seems to think that Ryan and Hillary work for the same people....just not the voting people.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

How Trump Reached This Stage

One could probably write a 1,000-page book on how Trump got to this stage today, but I will simplify it to a degree and list the five obvious things that I see.

1.  For decades, politics has been behaving more or less like some reality show.....whether we grasp it or not.  Over the past eight years with President Obama appearing almost every four weeks on some comedy show.....the behavior and public act was noticeable by the public.  Bush to a degree....perhaps less than Obama.....did the same thing.

Trump woke up and figured the whole script and production angle out.  It was straight out of regular reality shows already being produced.  All he had to do was get the right production team around him....stage the fake speeches and threats....and treat all of this political stuff as fake.  The public bought into it one-hundred-percent.

2.  Treat everyone to a WWE-wrestling-type act.  All of the fake stuff from the Republicans and Democrats over the past eight years?  It was all soap-opera stuff or WWE-wrestling scripts.  Trump figured that out.

3.  It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to be President.  If you look at the talents of Bush and Obama, with their resumes in front of you prior to assuming the office....neither were exactly rocket-scientist material.  The public accepted that and Trump blazed away with his regular skills.  Presently, I think a barber or transmission mechanic could probably accomplish as much as Bush or why not Trump?

4.  Trump settled his speeches and talks into regular understandable terms.  He's like the neighbor next door.....or like in Tim Allen's Home Improvement character....Wilson.  Wilson knows everything but only in small doses that are understandable.  Wilson is friendly.  Wilson wants to be a good neighbor.  Wilson never intimidates people.  Wilson can offer simple advice that doesn't take more than two minutes to lay out.  Trump is....Wilson.

5.  Finally, Trump is a New Yorker.  New Yorkers are different from normal people.  They want to tell you something....without a lot of $100 words, or science-gimmicks, or fake opera stories.  New Yorkers are blunt....but if you got into a serious problem....they'd bend over backwards to fix your issue.  In a sense, we haven't had a New Yorker since Teddy Roosevelt.